549886_317627631671587_1921004607_nMERCED, CA – With the most recent filing deadline now past, Councilman Mike Murphy’s campaign announced he has successfully raised more than $20,000 since he declared his run for Mayor of Merced.

Momentum for Murphy’s mayoral campaign has been building since his announcement with endorsements and contributions coming in from the Merced Police Officers Association, Citizens for the Betterment of Merced County, and former Merced County Supervisor Kathleen Crookham, among many others. Mike’s message of Safety, Prosperity and Accountability is clearly connecting with local residents.

“My track record on the city council and my vision as the city’s next mayor are resonating with people. These funds will help me continue to get my message out to voters,” said Murphy.

Mike Salvadori and Tim Razzari will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day fundraising dinner for Councilman Murphy on Thursday, March 17th at the Italo-American Lodge. Tickets are available for $25 and can be purchased by calling 209-349-8030 or e-mailing

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