marijuana-269851_1280MERCED, CA – Marijuana will be back on the Merced City Council’s agenda as they will hold a study session on medicinal marijuana at 5:30 p.m., this Tuesday at City hall, located at 611 West 18th Street in Merced.

This past January the council voted to pass an ordinance which bans cannabis cultivation and sales. The city has said that it needed to pass the ordinance if it wanted to keep local control and regulation. But in early February, Governor Brown signed a bill that eliminated the deadline which allows cities more time to study and make the right decision for their individual cities.

“The governor supports allowing local municipalities a reasonable amount of time to come up with regulations that work for their communities,” said Deborah Hoffman, a spokeswoman for the governor.

About nearly two dozen people spoke at the January council meeting sharing their own illnesses and how marijuana has helped them. Those that support the cultivation and sale of marijuana say that the tax dollars generated could financially help the city, which the city desperately needs as tax revenue has fallen over the past few years.

Even the local business community supports marijuana sales when they stated that, “The chamber supports responsible planning, responsible use of medical marijuana.”

But with the drug cartels that have moved into Merced County and the violence that has been associated with marijuana leaves some to think that we may be opening a bigger problem by allowing its sale and cultivation.cannabis-364565_1280

The City of Merced needs to do something. Even our own District Attorney smokes marijuana, and yes this has been verified through several sources. So if it’s good enough for the Merced County District Attorney, then it should be good enough for the people who elected him.

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