Mary Castillo

MERCED, CA – On 02/29/2016 at approximately 8:35 a.m., Mary Castillo, a 45-year-old Chenoweth teacher was again arrested for a DUI. Mary, whose aliases include Mary McAlister and Mary Mooney, was featured in a story by MCNTV News on February 2 when a Rivera Middle School teacher stated that Mary had a drug and alcohol problem. And by the looks of Mary’s most recently booking photo, Rivera teacher just may have been right about both!


The Rivera Middle School music teacher stated that she would never send her own kids to Chenoweth or even Peterson. And that she would, “ESPECIALLY” not send her second grader to Chenoweth, adding that, “some of the problem teachers retired at the end of last year.”

One of those “problem” teachers was a Chenoweth second grade teacher named Mary Castillo and that the Chenoweth teacher not only has a drinking problem, but a drug problem, too. “Multiple DUIs (and I know it was alcohol and drugs),” The music teacher wrote to MCNTV News. “She was even sent to rehab at one point to try to get out of one of the charges.”

Mary was first arrested in early 2013 for a DUI and prosecuted as a misdemeanor with thirty minutes spent booking considered as time served. In October of 2014 she was again arrested for Public Intoxication of Alcohol, another misdemeanor.

Then on April 11, 2015, she was again arrested for DUI, Operating a Motor Vehicle While On Probation For a DUI and an offense of Likely Harm To A Child. All of these charges were considered misdemeanors.

On January 15, 2016, Mary was sentenced to serve 20 days in the county jail and on January 27th she was released before just a short 33 days later; she’s back in county jail for another DUI.

As of this writing the Merced County jail records indicate that Mary was booked at 8:35 a.m. this morning and as of this writing no bail had been set.

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