public_corruptionATWATER, CA – While looking into Merced County’s leadership and their own connections and family contacts, a noticeable pattern has emerged. Some city and county leaders, both elected and hired, have family members and friends who are connected to known gang members and or have their own major alcohol/drug addictions. Many people of Merced County are ridiculed if they try to speak up about their hired county/city workers or elected officials and their families illegal activities and are told that they should take care of their own backyard first. That is just a diversion because if we give someone the power to pick and choose who they arrest and or prosecute and take away their rights, then they had better be among the most honest and ethical people in Merced County, period. That person has the power to destroy an innocent person’s life with the stroke of a pen, put a bad person away for the rest of their life, or decide with overwhelming evidence that they are just not going to charge someone, which brings me to the ethical issues of our own DA once again.

“I want people to know that yes…  what you have written about the Atwater PD and the District Attorney Larry Morse is true,” said a local Atwater man we will refer to as “Joe” who wished to remain anonymous. MCNTV News has verified his information and association to the people he speaks about in this article. Joe has also agreed to allow us to release his identity only to federal investigators if they request it. A background check was also done with the man’s approval and he has no criminal record or affiliation to any illegal activities and is gainfully employed by the county. “I want it to come out so they will stop victimizing innocent people who try to stand-up for their own rights to be safe from harm in Atwater.”

Joe has come forward with information regarding the Merced County District Attorney filing another case as a personal attack to help his good friend, Atwater PD Sgt Dick Wisdom, take revenge against Dick’s ex wife Lydia. Joe alleges that Lydia had repeatedly denied Dick’s sexual advances since their divorce, even though Dick is now seeing his brother Donny “Spunky” Wisdom’s wife Sue Wisdom. Several text messages to Lydia’s cell phone from Dick show this to be the case and this didn’t sit well with Sue Wisdom.

But the personal issue that has led to APD Sgt Wisdom to push the Merced County DA Larry Morse to file a charge of filing a false police report and annoying phone calls against Dick’s ex wife Lydia, stems from an incident that Joe alleges happened because Sgt. Dick Wisdom’s son Devon and his mother Lydia have been repeatedly been harassed by Sue Wisdom (see documents attached). Merced County court records show that a Judge did find the charge of harassing threats to be true and ordered Sue to turn over any and all  firearms after she admitted in court that she has a handgun. Judge Donald J. Proietti also ordered Sue to stay 100 yards away from Devon and his mother Lydia in the February 2014 court order. She was also ordered to turn in all firearms in her possession.

According to Joe Lydia had called the DA’s office several times regarding the order by the judge and that Sue was constantly violating the order, They also tried to make the DA’s office aware that Sue had never turned over her firearm, but unfortunately like most crime victims in Merced County they never received a call back from the DA or his secretary, Angie.

Sue is alleged to have repeatedly violated the stay away order by going to Lydia’s son’s place of business and parking right next to his truck. During one of the many alleged incidents with Sue she had again come to his job and this time had taken his truck while the stay-away order was in place. So Lydia’s son called the APD and officer Rod Dash showed up to take a report. Joe also related an incident that Lydia’s son is alleged to have told him about when the APD came out to take the report. “As the cop’s talking to Lydia’s son, taking the report,” Joe recalls, “Dash apparently tells Lydia and Dick’s son, “Yeah those plants and your Dad, I mean, my neighbor is growing 14 plants and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Joe said that Lydia’s son didn’t mention it at the time to Dash but said that he thought to himself, “Isn’t it illegal to have more than 12?” Lydia’s son’s truck was returned later that day but non investigation was conducted into the of his truck.

“This family has just been victimized left and right by Dick Wisdom and it’s gotta stop,” Joe said. “During the most recent time after their son recovered his truck, he saw Sue Wisdom again at his work and again he and his mother went to the Atwater Police department to file a complaint. When they explained to the clerk why they were there, according to Lydia and her son, Sgt Dick Wisdom came stomping out into the lobby of City Hall yelling at them saying, “You get the fuck out of her right now or I will arrest you!”

When Devon and his mom tried to stand their ground saying they have the right to file the complaint, Sgt. Wisdom became even more aggressive and screamed, “You get the fuck out or I will arrest you both now!”

According to Joe., Lydia and her son left from city hall and decided to drive to the District Attorney’s office in Merced that same day to try to file the complaint with the DA. “It’s an obvious conflict of interest when the boyfriend of the accused is a Sgt. at the department you are trying to make a complaint at,” Joe said.

Joe related that when they arrived they were politely greeted by the clerk at the DA’s office and told that unfortunately the DA’s office could not file the complaint and that regardless of the fact that Sue’s boyfriend works there and threw them out, they would have to file with the APD where the violation of the stay-away order occurred. “They also asked if the DA’s office could conduct an internal affairs investigation into what is going on and they were allegedly told that the APD would be charged with conducting that investigation of themselves.”

“So Lydia and her son went back home.” Joe continued, “and while on their way the woman they dealt with at the DA’s office had called ahead and facilitated an APD officer meeting them at their home to take the report.” According to Joe, APD Officer Mike Rivera showed up and takes the report of Sue Wisdom again violating the stay-away order. “then this cop has the balls to tell the victim, Devon, that his father wants the truck back because Devon filed the report on Dick’s girlfriend Sue.

A search of records shows that Lydia Wisdom actually paid $15,000 for the truck , but they kept it in Dick’s name after the divorce.

According to Joe, Lydia’s son said he felt humiliated and asked if he could at least wait until he went to work that day so he had a ride to get to work. Joe said that Officer Rivera then contacted Sgt. Wisdom and Sgt Dick Wisdom said it was okay. Joe goes on to say that Devon then drove his truck to work that day and Officer Rivera followed him into the parking lot. Joe said that Devion got out of the truck and walked into work. Officer Rivera followed him into work and allegedly took the keys from Devon as his fellow employees watched.


Later in 2015 a letter was sent from the Merced County Court to Lydia Wisdom stateing that she was being charged with PC148.5(a) which is “False Report Of A Criminal Offense and PC653M(a) “Making Annoying Phone Calls.” Both charges are misdemeanors and the letter requested her appearance at the court on December 31, 2015 at 8:30 AM in Court room 4.

Deputy District Attorney Michael McAfee of the Merced County District Attorney’s office has been assigned to the case and MCNTV News called to get a statement. We left a message but he did not return our call for comment.

MCNTV News also called Sgt. Dick Wisdom and APD Officer Mike Rivera and left messages for them to call back in regards to Joe’s statements. Neither returned our calls. In fact, we have called Sgt. Dick Wisdom and Chief Frank Pietro countless times when allegations arise and both refuse to make any statements.

MCNTV News readers may remember when we first brought you the information given to us by another close family source. The source then told us about a rape that had occurred and the victim had come forward and identified her boss, Larry D. Morse II as her rapist. A rape investigation was conducted by Sgt Wisdom and that, according to our family source, the allegations were found to be true. A meeting between Frank Pietro, Larry Morse, and Sgt Wisdom took place during where  it was, allegedly agreed that the report would never see the light of day. But, our source said, a copy of that report was kept by Sgt Wisdom with a copy given to Sue Wisdom. MCNTV News also contacted the District Attorney directly regarding the allegations, but he has never responded as to whether they are true or false.

Joe also confirmed that a 2013 during the raid conducted by the Merced County Sheriff’s office after tips led them to believe Sgt Dick Wisdom was growing marijuana while living at his brother Donny “Spunky” Wisdom and Sue Wisdom’s house. The 14-year-old girl that Spunky was sent to prison for raping, was still living at the house. “Dick did not give a damn that this now 16-year-old girl was living with them again,” Joe said.  “And this time 23-year-old Chad Wisdom was sleeping with her in that house.”

MCNTV News placed calls to the Merced County CPS after it was learned that they were indeed contacted twice about the teen’s sexual activity with adults in that house but no one was able to provide any information as to whether they were ever called regarding the under aged girl having sex with adults. in late 2013.

In late 2013, the Merced County Sheriff’s Department raided Dick and Sue’s house and confiscated 100 marijuana plants. This is where the bad blood between Sgt Dick Wisdom and his nephew Donny Wisdom III began as Dick accused Donny of calling the Sheriff’s on him and Sue regarding their grow operation. An internal investigation was conducted by the Livingston PD and the allegations were found to be unsubstantiated by the claim even though the Sheriff’s office extracted 100 plants from the home, already processed marijuana in baggies around the house and several firearms.

But this is not the only issues arising from Dick’s illegal behavior as an Atwater PD. MCNTV News is looking into several other names and incidents that have come to light thanks to Joe’s willingness to come forward.

“The northern gang member you pointed out before, Brian Henson,” Joe said, “look further into that guy. Dick’s been paying that guys lawyer bills because of a past debt. Something to the tune of $10,000. And Brian was arrested for domestic violence again and he’s a three striker. How does he always get off?”

A quick check of court records shows that in fact Brian has been arrested numerous times with most of the charges being dismissed without reason.

So how can they force the District Attorney to file false report and harassing phone call charges on a 62-year-old woman but somehow cannot find a way to file charges for Dick growing 100 plants of marijuana at his home? Atwater it’s time to send your leaders packing. Your city has been corrupted beyond repair and as state auditors put it, “Atwater is slowly bleeding itself into bankruptcy.”

Please call the FBI in Sacramento, CA at (855) 466-7243 and demand they investigate the APD and its personal use by Sgt Dick Wisdom to attack his own family. Push them to audit the Christmas funds that were raised by the good citizens of Atwater only to have it pilfered by Frank Peitro and Dick Wisdom. Ask them to look into the APD’s personal use of the DA to file bogus charges on their Code Enforcement officer which wasted thousands in taxpayer dollars and resulted in a verdict of innocent.

Atwater has some good and decent officers but they are being led by people who are focused more on covering their own high crimes and misdemeanors, then actually leading the city back to prosperity.

To file a complaint of public corruption on-line please follow this link –


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