51-Fifty-Energy-Girls-10MERCED COUNTY, CA – A local energy drink beverage is under fire again and this time it’s about their ingredients or marketing to kids, this time it’s about their name, 51FIFTY. The call numbers “5150” are  used by law enforcement and medical personnel when describing a person who maybe suffering a variety of mental health issues. And now Save Mart has announced they will stand with mental health advocates and no longer carry the drink in any of their stores. Save Mart is the largest retailer of the energy drink.

Developed from an idea given to him by his book-keeper, Carlos Viera, a local Livingston sweet potato grower paid a lab to develop a palatable flavor and jumped on the energy drink craze late in 2011. Though Viera states on his website that the name is meant to represent  “a person who never quits, meets all challenges head on, doesn’t feel fear, pushes the limit and is crazy enough to chase his or her dream,” a local mental health advocacy group has put the brakes on his dream and 51FIFTY… for now.

According to a report on KVPR;

A year agoEveHinsonhad a flare up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by childhood sexual abuse. To work through it she took a walk near her North Fresno apartment. But about halfway through the walk something else aggravated her.

“This delivery driver comes across the street and on the side of it I saw the name of this energy drink, 51FIFTY,” Hinson says. “I knew immediately it was based of the police code and it really pissed me off.”

Hinson says the name of the energy drink, 51FIFTY, devalues the serious nature of a 5150 police call. First responders use the code when someone is a danger to others or themselves as a result of a mental health disorder or are gravely disabled.  The 51FIFTYenergy drink was created by a race car driver and sweet potato grower from Livingston. The brand’s slogan “Live the Madness” upsets Hinson.

“It was hurtful because I’ve been in a real 5150 experience; I have had my stays in psych wards and needed help in crisis moments,” says Hinson. (READ MORE BY CLICKING ON LINK)

Just before starting his energy drink company, Viera was involved in a vehicle accident that claimed the life of 60-year-old Liane Gertrude Hocking on the evening of June 7, 2010.

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