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UPDATE: MCNTV News received messages from tons of viewers including a soldier stationed in Jordan who wanted to replace the boys bike. We sent the grandmother, Maria Guadalupe Beltran Leon, the info and received a message that they were going to set-up a Gofundme account and wanted us to post it. We told them that we couldn’t do that especially since several people offered to replace the bike.

And this evening we found out that although several of our viewers sent us messages and even commented that they would replace the bike, the family pushed the gofundme account story to a local radio DJ.

So apparently the boy got a new bike but we don’t know if they also raised money. We are checking into this further.

ATWATER, CA – An Atwater grandmother wrote us regarding her grandson’s bicycle that was recently stolen after he had it for only a month. Sure bikes are stolen everyday right? But this one is a little different because this one was earned the hard way. Through hard work and determination to achieve to his goal of one day owning his own bicycle, her 8-year-old grandson saved and saved his money for months and in less than a few seconds it was gone.

The bike was stolen from the area of Buhach and Bellevue today, though the family was away for most of the day so they are not sure about the time of day it was stolen. On the picture of the handle bars you can see some white paint which may help identify it.

Recently, the little guy lost his dad. In fact it was just a few months ago and now he’s lost the one thing he had worked so hard for to ride around with his daddy watching over him.

“He’s only 8 years old,” his grandmother wrote to MCNTV News. “He lost his dad a few months ago and I think it’s horrible that some one stole his bike that he saved up for. He was so exited to buy it.”

Let’s get this bike returned ASAP! If you are the person who took the bike you know what you need to do and we ask that you show you are a good human being by returning what is not yours. If you know the person or know where this bicycle may be you are urged to send us a private message with the information or call your local law enforcement agency.

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