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12494852_1540111536285222_6415033842727409092_n (1)MERCED, CA – A woman contacted Merced County News regarding her stolen dark green 1998 Honda in the hopes our viewers could help her locate it.

“This is a post I put on a couple sites…can u please help?”She wrote to MCN. “Hey everybody…I’m asking for your help… PLEASE! I’m a single mother of 3 and my car was stolen last night from my apartment complex… XXX XXXX here in Merced. Without my car I’m not able to take my 2 eldest children to school or go to work. Please if u happen to see it contact me via msg It’s a Dark Green 1998 Honda Civic LX with primered fenders XXXXXXX (removed by MCN since vehicle was located) is my licence plate number. The car has a decal on the back window XX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXX and a bumper sticker that is from XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX.”

But the power of our viewers is so strong that as we were typing up the story, another viewer sent us a news tip stating that a car was in Bear Creek near McKee.

Nicole Maes  was passing by the area on her way to the dentist she wrote to MCN, when she noticed emergency personnel near Bear Creek. So she safely stopped off the roadway and quickly snapped a photo to send to us to inform viewers with a quick news tip, “Car in Bear Creek and McKee.”

She included a photo which we quickly sent to the woman whose car had been stolen last night since it was very similar in color. With a little coordination the woman whose car was stolen called the Merced County Sheriff’s Office since deputies were on scene investigating and she was able to verify that it was indeed her vehicle.

Great job Nicole! And to our emergency responders who helped recover it a great big THANK YOU, too!


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