Dossetti said back then that “if it comes, will bring jobs.”

MERCED, CA – Merced City Councilman Tony Dossetti has announced that he will not seek re-election come this November and to some that’s a sign of positive change from the new redistricting.

Dossetti was hired by the Merced Police department in 1975 and retired as Chief in 2005. Dossetti was appointed to Chief in 1999 before retiring in 2005. Tony and his wife Patti have four children and two grandchildren. A request for a statement was made from Dossetti but he has not yet sent one.

Tony Dossetti was elected in November 2011 to a 4-year term on the City Council During his time on the City Council and promised to an advocate for fiscal responsibility, governmental transparency, and business incentives to spur job creation. In an October 2015 newspaper interview during his failed bid for a Merced County Supervisor seat,  Dossetti said that improving public safety would be imperative to attracting new businesses into the Merced area. “When a company comes to this town, they’re looking for a safe community, a place that will be safe for their kids to participate in,” Dossetti also claimed that he has a proven track record of job creation.

He also stated that his four children do not live in the community because they can’t afford to live here because “there’s just no jobs.”

His call for fiscal responsibility led to his vote to spend $300,000 to $500,000 on a traffic study regarding the Parsons Avenue expansion project. Dossetti also supported the decision to take $200,000 from the Airport Industrial Park capital improvement fund and use it to match grant funds toward the 2013 High-Speed Rail Planning Grant. Unfortunately, just this year it was announced that the High-Speed Train plans now by-pass Merced.

Dossetti also proclaimed government transparency was another promise that seemed to fall to the way side once he secured the vote. Media and news outlets have tried to get he and other city council members to understand the importance of the Merced Police Chief Norm Andrade to release public information. Only Councilman Kevin Blake and Mayor Stan Thurston have addressed the medias concerns and Dossetti has never attempted to address the issue.

And as for offering business incentives to spur job creation? Well one look around the city of Merced can attest to the fact that he has failed miserably. And his idea that improving public safety was imperative to Merced attracting new and innovative businesses? Well if that were the case he would have advocated for and possibly used that $500,000 from the Parsons Avenue traffic study and the $200,000 on a High-Speed rail idea that left the station and applied the total of $700,000 to put Merced traffic division back on Merced streets.

City forced under threat of litigation to change at-large election system…

In 2014 MALDEF, which is the Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America, sent a warning to the City of Merced and it’s Mayor Stan Thurston stating that the use of an at-large election system for the election of candidates to the Merced City Council is in violation of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA).

On October 5, 2015 the City Council adopted the final map for City Council Voting Districts.  Districts 1,3, and 5 are up for election in 2016 and Districts 2,4, and 6 will be up for election in 2018.


“It would be good for Merced to have someone new with new ideas,” said Jesse Ornelas of the Brown Berets, a Chicano Nationalism Group that advocates for the empowerment of communities. “Its always been the same old same old ideology and Tony has always been one of those that has always fallen in-line with the same old ideas.

I live in the Farmdale area and I barely found out a guy is running for my district.” Ornelas continued. “The public really hasn’t been told about any of their platforms and none of the media is even putting it out there. I have even though about putting my name on the ballot.”

And if Ornelas decides to run he’ll need to get his paperwork filed soon as the open filing period for Merced City Council seat is July 18th through August 12, 2016.

If you would like to become part of the political process in Merced you don’t have to be a person with a degree, a business owner, or someone who wears a suit everyday. You must have clear ideas and a clear path on how you will get the city there. Present them to the people and you too could become someone who helps move Merced forward.

To get more information about Merced County/City elections go to http://www.co.merced.ca.us/elections/


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