MERCED, CA – In an emailed statement to MCNTV News, Mr. Dossetti wrote, “It has been my honor to serve on the Merced City Council since my election in 2011.   I will not run for re-election in 2016.  This decision was made some time ago and I will be pursuing other interests.

The goals I set during my campaign were achieved, but there are challenges ahead for my remaining time in office and for the future City Council.

I focused on job creation because it is my observation and belief that a family’s finances are directly related to crime, rates of poverty, health, youth opportunities, and performance in school.

Our City Council and employees work hard to create an environment where businesses can thrive and bring jobs.  We slashed developer fees by half, updated our General Plan, and are updating a 50-year old Zoning Ordinance to make it more user-friendly.

Those efforts are paying off. In 2015, Merced’s manufacturing jobs grew faster than anywhere else in the nation.  In 2015, Merced also was named America’s 47th Best Performing City, based on wage growth and job growth.  And the California Employment Development Department reports that 4,500 more Mercedians have jobs now than in 2011 when I first took office.

I have also kept focus on the city’s budget because financial stability is directly related to recruiting and retaining quality employees, and therefore delivering quality service to the public.

I am happy to report that not one City employee has been laid off during my time in office.  Employees have received raises and we are now adding positions, especially in the police and fire departments.

I am deeply concerned about several issues, and will continue in my efforts to address them during my remaining time in office.

Chief among those concerns is the escalating vagrancy and homelessness, especially in our downtown and our parks.  I would like to see our homicide rate drop.   I would certainly like to see a wider variety of restaurants and retail shopping businesses come to Merced.

I am encouraged that in the next four years, UC Merced plans to spend more than $1 billion to double the size of its campus.  Our home values are increasing and the housing market is improving. A 77 acre shopping center is being planned near Campus Parkway.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about Merced’s future and I wish the next City Council the best of luck”

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