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Community leaders and law enforcement has made little progress as the violence continues…

DELHI, CA – Once a very small and peaceful rural community, where this reporter attended school in a small farm-house back in the 1970’s and the only thing you really worried about was if it was going to be a sunny day so you could go outside and play again and again. Now, Delhi has become another victim of unchecked violent gangs and drug cartels that have hurt the good people of Delhi who worked so hard to make their small town into a great community.

Daylight shootings are becoming more of a daily routine, but there is one group that is sick of it and it’s not who you might think.

Merced County News received several messages from Delhi High School teens last night who are sick and tired of being afraid to go to school because of the lawlessness that exists in Delhi.

“Students are planning a school walkout due to these recent gang shootings,” one student wrote to MCNTV News, “would you guys as parents support us because without further action nothing will be done and will only lead to more crime even after attempts by Merced Sheriff’s there has been 2 more shootings. We need our voices to be heard.”

In response we wrote, “Wow! We at MCNTV News do not advocate for any walkout of any students and strongly encourage you to seek to meet with the Board of Supervisors this coming Tuesday (tomorrow). We ask that you speak to your parents and let them know what you feel you need to do to address this directly with those who are empowered to keep you safe! If they are willing to take you to address the Board on the record and in public, I think you will have a better reaction rather than an immediate walkout. Also, notify every media outlet by calling their tip lines or news directors directly letting them know of your intentions, but again only if your parents approve.” Then we added, “Or Facebook message, email whatever it takes to get your message out and force them to make your community safe again.”

The student then responded stating that they had a large group ready to try and make a difference on their own, but to travel to Merced would be too far.

So we reached out to one of our viewers from Delhi and she told us about a group called the Community Advisory Council and that they had been meeting for over two years in Delhi. She also said that they meet again this Thursday at 7 pm in a building directly across the street from the post office. MCNTV News was unable to locate a Facebook page or website for the group.

We passed along the information to the high school students who now plan on making their voices heard at the Thursday night meeting and we hope that as many Delhi parents, educators, community organizers, clergy, coaches and media pack that advisory council in support of the children, kids, teens and young adults from Delhi who are crying out to all of us for protection from being caught in the crossfire.

The youth say if their voices are not heard at this meeting and significant changes are made to protect them from the street violence then they will conduct a civilized walkout of classes.


  1. Vernon Cole | April 12, 2016 at 10:44 AM |

    The students are right. At least three of these recent shooting were in broad daylight across the street from Schendel Elementary School. I would urge all parents to remove your kids until,there are at least 10 full time policemen patrolling the streets 24 hours a day.

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