LOS BANOS, CA – On 03/12/2016 at approximately 09:45 p.m., 44-year-old Yvette Urias and her 20-year old daughter Maria, arrived home from a party. Yvettte stated the party was literally right next door to their home and she admittedly had enough to drink that night and was feeling a good buzz.

While they were getting ready to call it a night, a knock on the door startled both women and they assumed it must be a friend or friends asking why they left the party so early. When Maria opened the door a few inches to see who it was, she alleges that an unknown man stated, “I’m here for, Yvette Urias. You’re fucking with my girlfriend!”

Maria alleges that she started telling the unknown man to go away before he began arguing with her about having to serve a 24 hour notice. It quickly escalated to the man pushing the door open and punching the 20-year-old female in the face. As Maria’s mother Yvette came to the aid of her daughter, she too is alleged to have been punched in the face, thrown to the ground and kicked in the stomach by the violent and angry man.

The two women were allegedly dragged outside by the man as he continued to pummel them with kicks and punches before fleeing from their front yard to the Valero gas station next door. Yvette stated he clearly called out to them saying he would “kill them fucking Mexicans!” as he ran off. Maria was quick to pull out her cell phone and quickly took a photo of the 2013 black Mercedes SUV and its license plate number for authorities to track down. She also took photos of their injuries and the damage to their home that had been done by the alleged intruder.

Maria and her mother who said they were both absolutely terrified and thought they were going to be raped or killed during the incident immediately notified the Los Banos PD via 911 and officers Cole, Carter and Neal responded to the scene. The unknown man had left a “24 Hour Notice of Entry”, which stated the landlord would be entering the premises at 8:00 a.m., on March 14th and the officers placed the notice into evidence.

Yvette and her daughter complained of injuries from the assault, which were visible to officers and both women were transported to Los Banos Memorial Hospital for treatment. Both women state that no one took photos of their injuries until after the hospital asked the police department to document the women’s injuries.

“Officers came to our home the next day,” Yvette said to MCNTV News, “and took photos after I asked the hospital why no one had taken photos of our injuries.”

Officer Parras disputed Yvette’s claim in a phone interview with MCNTV News stating officers did in fact take photos of her injuries before she was transported to the hospital. When asked to view the photos of both the victims, we were denied by Commander Reyna. It is also noted int he police reports that an officer was dispatched to the hospital to take photos of the two women after the hospital called requesting it.

“I contacted Commander Reyna,” Sgt Parras confirmed in an email to MCNTV News later that day, “and he denied the request citing the item(s) were evidence.”

The Los Banos Police Dispatch was able to run the license plate that night and found that the vehicle belonged to a well-known and prominent realtor/property manger named Jerri Terry. In the police report, number 201605378, Terry was known to LBPD investigator Bayard who went with Officer Cole to her house to investigate, though there is no reference regarding how the investigator knew Terry.

After a brief discussion with Terry who stated she had just called the Los Banos PD to report a fight that occurred at one of her tenants homes. When asked if her boyfriend was home she said yes and called him to the door. Bayard states in his report that as the man came to the door he noticed a small laceration on the man’s forehead. Bayard then was able to identify the man as Daniel Fassino and asked him if he needed an ambulance. He went even further and took photos of the mans injuries documenting them into evidence.

Daniel Fassino, who described himself as an on-again off-again boyfriend of Terry’ for many years, admitted to drinking a margarita during dinner that night with Terry. He also stated that Terry told him after dinner that she needed to serve a 24 hour notice to Urias and wanted Fassino to do it. But he stated that he didn’t want to because it was late “and I didn’t want to disturb the tenants.”

Fassino further stated in the police report that when he and Terry arrived at the tenants home, they noticed the lights were on and someone appeared to be awake. But according to a video from the across the street at the Ice Cream and frozen Yogurt shop that Yvette saw and Sgt Parras confirmed, the couple actually arrived about a half-an-hour early and waited for the the tenants to arrive home.

As Bayard was interviewing Fassino he noted  that Fassino displayed objective symptoms of intoxication to include watery eyes, slurred speach. moderate odor of alcohol emanating from his person and that Fassino stood with an unsteady gait, which is a persons manner of walking.

“I walked up to the door with the notice,” Fassino stated to Bayard during the interview that evening, “and knocked and rang the doorbell. The tenants answered the door and asked “What do you want?” I told them I was the boyfriend of Jerri Terry and here to provide a 24 hour notice because workers were coming Monday morning to work on the pipes.”

According to Fassino the women inside the home responded by saying “Jerry Terri? You tell her I’m gonna kill that fucking whore!” Fassino further stated that the two women then grabbed him and pulled him into the house. “Once on the floor the mother and daughter begin hitting me,” Fassino alleged to Bayard.

“While on the ground they kicked and hit me, Fassino continues in his statement to police that night. “I was able to hit and kick them back. I moved towards the front door and they pushed me outside. I got up and started to leave as they approached and tried hitting me. I swung back as we got into our vehicle and drove away.”

Bayard and Officer Cole left Terry’s residence without making an arrest that night.

David Gould of Home Sweet Home property management who employs Terry stated in a phone interview with MCNTV News that he was aware of the incident and felt that Fassino was defending himself from two women he said were “professional boxers.” A claim that Yvette laughed at stating that she and her daughter have never boxed anyone, much less professionally.

“You don’t know her,” Gould said, “but since she moved in last year, she has called about numerous repairs that needed to be done. She began to get irritated with our repair guys who were there to repair a sewer line that had backed up. One of the repair guys ran over a can of paint in the driveway and she yelled at him and told him not to come back without a 24 hour notice. I went to her house to talk to her and take her a 24 hour notice and she became very angry again.”

But according to Yvette that’s non exactly what happened.”He came to my backdoor and he did not have a 24 hour notice. I told him again that until he brings me a 24 hour notice of when he is coming to do repairs I didn’t want him or his vendors showing up unexpectedly and wanting me to just deal with it.”

Yvette also claims that during that meeting Gould told her that she was going to have to pay for every hour the repairman is there not doing any work. “Then he pointed his finger at me and said, “Watch what happens!” Then comes this man barreling through my door a few days later beating my daughter and I.”

Yvette also stated to MCNTV News that Terry does as little as possible when it comes to the maintenance and repair of their properties and that because of their shoddy repairs her home alone has had to have repairs done at least 60 times since she moved in last fall.

Mr Gould acknowledged to MCNTV News that, “we shouldn’t have delivered the 24 hour notice so late,” but that Yvette had been to Terry’s home at 9:30 p.m., on March 6th crying and saying she had personal problems and was sorry to Terry for  being mean.”

Yvette disputes Gould’s second-hand telling of the story stating that she went there to pay her rent. “I never broke down crying,” she said.

Yvette said she went to the police department to follow-up on the case when she was told that the Los Banos PD officer Carter considered it mutual combat and would probably arrest her if they decided to press charges. “I went to the police station everyday for two weeks asking for the police report hoping they were going to press charges until I am told my daughter and I are now considered Assaulter/victim. I requested a meeting with the Police Chief and was denied. I could not believe that this man could burst into my home, beat and terrify my daughter and I, flee the scene and somehow get authorities to believe he was attacked by us?”

“If it weren’t for Sgt Parras my case would not have even gone to the DA’s office”, Yvette said. “Investigators never even looked for the security camera footage from the Ice Cream and frozen Yogurt shop which showed when Terry and Fassino arrived and left the scene. Unfortunately it does not show the altercation, Yvette said. Officer Parras did confirm the footage existed according to his conversation with the Ice Cream and frozen Yogurt shop station owner who said he viewed it with Yvette, but allowed the footage to be recorded over since authorities had not come for weeks asking to see it or to get a copy.

And as we have heard so many times before, she had to convince the police department to send the report to the DA’s office because the DA’S kept claiming that they did not get the report. Finally they confirmed that they received the report and it was assigned to deputy DA Silva. After leaving Silva several messages inquiring about the case, Yvette decided to call Silva’s supervisor Harold Nutt. The next day Nutt called and asked Yvette to come down to the DA’s office in Los Banos. Once there, she received the same excuse as so many other victims of crimes committed by people who donate money or are held in high regard by law enforcement. “We don’t believe we can convince a jury of 12 to convict,” Harold Nutt told her as she thought about the exact words this reporter told her he would say.

And once again women who are abused or sexually assaulted are shunned by the Merced County DA’s Office and personally I find it disgusting that their office could ever claim they support victims rights. Tine after time we have shown that the rule only applies to victims of gang members or lower society criminals. If your a victim of the politically connected and or wealthy, well in Merced you can expect to be victimized again and again by this DA and his group of thugs he has stacked at the DA’s office.

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