MCNTV News had the victims bi-pass the Merced County DA Larry Morse since he and Falasco are very good friendsMCNTV News had the victims bi-pass the Merced County DA Larry Morse since he and Falasco are very good friends

Merced County Board of Supervisors paid DA Larry Morse from money that had been slated to help bring back areas in county government that may have been lost during the recession…

MERCED COUNTY, CA – So you want funds for youth activities to keep them out of trouble and on a better path in life then past generations? Or maybe you are a victim’s advocate wondering why there is no budget to help victims? Well according to Merced County government, the CA Governor’s office approved ¬†an increase in Medi-Cal funding to assist counties with the increase in case loads which resulted from the Affordable Care Act. The Human Services Agency (HSA) received higher than anticipated allocations in the budget and guess what our Merced County Board of Supervisors did with some of that money? Well they are so pleased with the Merced County DA Larry Morse that they voted without the public’s knowledge, to raise his pay from $330,740 to $338,464.

During last weeks Board of Supervisors meeting, John Pedrozo, Hub Walsh, Darron McDaniel, Deidre Kellsey, and Jerry O’Banion decided the District Attorney should receive the pay raise even though the DA has made a mockery of the Merced County justice system and especially the Sheriff’s department. And with the need to help county employees who took a serious hit to their incomes over the last couple of years and are still trying to recover, just what were they thinking?

Well some are not running for re-election and this may have been their way of rubbing each others backs. Remember, the District Attorney is under direct supervision of the board of Supervisors and his actions have reflected on their inability to actually lead.

So just how much money do our County leaders make? Well lets breakdown keeping one persons salary in mind as we do, the President of the United States who makes $400,000 a year for leading the entire country, not just one county. So who makes as much, if not more than the President of the US in Merced County?

According to 2014 salary data, Merced County had a population of about 261,000 with a total of 2,269 county employees. The total number of year-round employees was 1,588 with a total cost to Merced County tax payers of $174,981,615. Your personal share that you pay in taxes for Merced County government is $668.00

So who gets your money? Well Jim Brown Merced County’s CEO makes more than the president of the US at $408,065. Each of the Board members make a ridiculous salary of over $150,000 per year while delivering poor results including a DA whose family is suing the County for his criminal mistakes.

But the most interesting salary of all that your taxes pay for is Isabel Manuel, who in 2014 was paid $477,067 as the Mental Health Medical Director for the County. One look at Merced County and it is quite evident we didn’t get $477,067 in leadership to correct the problems that led to Merced County Mental Health being investigated for poor or inadequate services just this year by the Obama Admin.

Listen to want we pay for below as the DA shows himself in all his bully tactics glory…

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