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Dear Merced County News,

I have coined a new word for our country and would like to share it.  The word is:

Transofficial:   (adjective)   pron:   Trans-oh-fish-all

Definition of Transofficial:  An elected official that was born in the body of an honest politician but now has trouble identifying with American citizens.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Massive confusion and disassociation from reality:

  1. Instead of protecting the rights of American citizens, they have chosen to protect the rights of the illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees.
  2. Instead of keeping Americans safe, they have gutted our military and failed to secure our borders, leaving us vulnerable to terrorist attacks.
  3. Instead of protecting all of our lives, they only seem to care about black ones.
  4. Instead of helping Americans deal with crime in their neighborhoods, they have rallied behind the criminal.
  5. Instead of addressing the serious issues that Americans are faced with every day, such as job loss and poverty, they are convinced that transgender bathrooms has become an urgent issue and must get our immediate attention.
  6. The ears of a transofficial has also become infected because they just can’t seem to hear us anymore.

This disease is REAL folks and is spreading rampantly through both sides of our political aisles.    Please help by kicking them all out of office and sending them into rehab, or prison, whatever the case may be.  Together, we can make a difference.



Laura F.

Merced, CA

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