ATWATER, CA – A proud conservative who wants the city to be more fiscally responsible finds himself under scrutiny when it was learned this week that he owes nearly $8,000 in past due water bills going back 6 years.

MCNTV News found that most water customers are required to their bills or they will be cut off within weeks of being late. But somehow the Atwater City councilman was able to get\ away with not paying it for several years.

In a statement sent to MCNTV News, Councilman Brian Raymond wrote, “This was merely an oversight and has been resolved. We have had water ever since moving in to our home; my wife and I thought each other was taking care of the bill. The fact that private citizens are being fed other people’s personal information from city hall is truly troubling. It may be time to look at privatizing billing to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

The City of Atwater is facing crunch time with not enough revenue being generated and many wonder if Councilman Raymond will be allowed to pay a portion or not have to pay any of the bill at  all. No word yet on how Mr. Raymond and the city will handle the situation yet.


  1. Matthew Gonzales | May 12, 2016 at 6:28 AM |

    Well we can only report what Raymond told us and yes he did not pay his water bill for 6 years and was never cut off. If a non believer would have done that would he/she not be considered a criminal and their water shut off and possibly prosecuted? But because Mr Raymond is religious he is somehow being persecuted for not paying his water bill by the city and the media?

  2. Matthew Gonzales | May 12, 2016 at 6:21 AM |

    As we have always pointed out, it is usually criminals and their friends or relatives who attempt to claim we report false stories or half truths. We actually spoke with Brian Raymond and he confirmed this so what is the half truths or are you just upset because we reported the truth about your friend?

  3. This news agency is notorious for irresponsible reporting. I’ve read several other articles where they reported half the story and conveniently left out significant details. Just another hack job of reporting by this “news” agency. Some really ground breaking stuff you guys are serving up here at MCNTV. When I was 13, I forgot to turn in a library book at my school. Maybe you guys could do a story on how schools are in a budget crunch and how unreturned books are increasing the crisis.

  4. – Why wouldn’t an individual be notified or water be shut off by this point?
    – Why did the media find out before he did?
    – Why is personal information being released to the public?
    This whole heartedly looks like a set up to push him out. Corrupt politicians keep kickbacks and back room deals covered. A devout Christian family man looking to better his community doesn’t just screw people over and get caught within months. There is more to the story that isn’t being reported and I am willing to bet it’s on the cities and or media’s end.

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