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ATWATER, CA – We have heard the Atwater Mayor Jim Price and the Atwater City Council members praise the Atwater Police department as professional and dedicated to serving and protecting the residents of Atwater. But more and more the evidence is clear, Atwater has a major problem with crime. Though it’s not just Atwater, the city seems less able than other departments to address the safety of its citizens unless they are of Atwater prominence, which is a very low bar to reach unfortunately.

MCNTV News receives nearly 50 to 100 messages every day. From missing family and stolen cars to event information and more, we really get a lot of input and feedback from you, our viewers and we do read and try to follow-up on as much as we can. Recently, the Atwater Police department was brought to our attention by Atwater residents who sent us information stating that the Atwater PD has been less than professional and responsive to emergency calls.

downloadSo we started reporting more on the Atwater area and called the mayor Jim Price who denied Atwater had any crime problems and that if anyone had any problems with the Atwater PD they should call him. He also claimed to walk the Determine neighborhood in Atwater every Tuesday night, but MCNTV News found that the mayor does not walk the crime plagued area. He rides in a patrol car with an officer.

The crime in Atwater is not the mayor, the city council, or the PD’s fault, that is the choice of a human being to make the decision to break the law. But it is their fault when they do not take serving and protecting the community seriously and would rather hide the crime to protect the mayor’s Ferrari Ranch project, which only emboldens those that continue the violence in Atwater.

Take the story of Sam, her husband and their three children who live in Atwater and have been targeted by gang members for unknown reasons. According to Samantha, she can no longer count on the Atwater PD to help protect her family from these random acts of violence and has been forced by the Atwater PD to jeopardize she and her family’s safety by going public in a last-ditch effort to save her family and home from any further harm.

“We need the publics help!,” the Facebook post reads. “Somehow over the last month my family has fallen victim to senseless acts of violence for reasons unknown to us. This all started the night of April 8th at 8 pm my family and I we’re all watching a movie together in the living room when all the sudden there was a piercing noise and glass all around me somebody had bashed my front window and with a bat. A shocking and frightening as this was we’re able to get her children to safety and call the police.

APDThe police took our statement and we proceeded the next day to replace our window some days went by and we thought it was just a random act of violence but then the night of April 13th at 11:30 p.m. we heard the crashing of another window it was our children and we walked into our kids covered in glass and petrified we called the police and took another report we were advised that we needed to get cameras and security system so that we would be able to catch whoever was doing this if God forbid they were to come back so we took the police advice and purchased a camera system had it installed and replace the next window and had a security system put in.

Then again on May 1st we heard the familiar noise of glass shattering again first window shattered moved on to the next window shattered and attempted to shatter a third window but got startled by our alarm system and took off in the same car that was scene in front of our house by neighbors the first time that it happened. We got him on camera his face and the the car that he was in. The neighbors saw it happen and got in their car to follow him. The car was going towards Livingston and lost our neighbors on Hammett Unfortunately they weren’t able to get the license plate number but we do have the car on camera.
We called the police and were told our case number and that they would look into it and if we saw any more suspicious activity to call them.

The next day, which was May 2nd, we spotted the same car in our neighborhood driving back and forth and proceeded to call nine-one-one. We were told by the dispatcher that this was not an emergency situation and they would send a patrol car whenever they have time. They also stated not to call nine-one-one unless it’s an emergency.

So then we called Atwater PD and we were basically told the same thing that when somebody was available they would come out. Fortunately the car was still tracing our house when a police officer came out and the car was pulled over. The people in the vehicle did not match the description of the man on the camera that we had but the vehicle did and the police let them go telling us we couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this was the same vehicle that was at our house the previous time.

I understand that we weren’t able to get a license plate number but it’s not a coincidence that the same white Ford Explorer with chrome rims is casing my house the next day after this is happened. We have had to replace four windows and my three children under the age of 8 years old are afraid in their own home. We cannot get any help from the police and we feel like our resources are running out. The police basically are pushing this aside and telling us that this just happens for retaliation insinuating that somehow we have something to do with this. We are upset and scared we and have poured thousands of dollars into a surveillance system, replacing windows and our peace of mind is absolutely ruined. We’re asking for the Public’s help to identify this person and hold him and the drivers responsible for everything they put our family through.

If you recognize this person please don’t hesitate to contact me. We need this resolved. Our family is being harassed  and we are scared for our lives. We have told the police on more than one occasion we need help and are scared and we are met with “we will look into it.” We asked to speak with a detective and we were denied so what is one to do when they are not receiving help. Turn to the public for help . Please help us, we need your help, Thank you.”

If you recognize the person or vehicle in these photos, you are urged to contact the MCNTV News directly at Your identity will remain anonymous and the information provided will go to the Merced County Sheriff.

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