MERCED, CA – Merced residents have sent us photos of the M Street and G Street bridges and have asked about the integrity of the bridges and if the City of Merced had any plans to repair them. MCNTV News reached out to Mike Conway, who is the assistant to the City Manager and he had some great news to share.

“Both the M Street and the G Street Bridges are in need of repair,” Mr. Conway wrote in an email to MCNTV News, “and the City has received grant funds to fix them. The bridges are currently safe for drivers and pedestrians to cross.

The City will be repairing them over the course of six to eight months, starting in the summer. We will be going out to bid for a contract sometime this month.
The M Street bridge will take the most work and the longest time, about four to five months and cost $1,710,569. It will include repairing the roadway, the bridge itself, and shoring up the creek bed of Bear Creek to prevent erosion.

The G Street bridge will require similar work, but not as much of it. It will take two to three months to repair that bridge at a cost of $554,370.
During the bridge repair work, traffic flows will be affected, but drivers will be warned in advance. The City will only work on one bridge at a time so that there is only a minimal disruption of traffic in the City.”

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