The view from the garage where it all started.The view from the garage where it all started.

MERCED COUNTY, CA – Bobcat Brewing Company, Merced County’s local brewery, reached 2 years in business last week. The brewery is run solely by a young UC Merced alumnus, Peter Howell, who does everything in the business from brewing to cleaning to accounting. His focus is on small, craft batches of beer that feature Merced County ag products. Bobcat Brewing Co. has made more than 15 variants on a top-selling blonde ale, infused with delicious all natural produce like strawberries, sweet and hot peppers, apricots, and grapes. Bobcat Brewing Co. has put in a small 1/4 acre hopyard and 1/8 acre of barley, moving the brewery towards its goal of using only Merced County grown ingredients in its beer. To create beer so far, Bobcat Brewing Co. has existed only in rented space at other breweries. Bobcat beer is sold on tap around Merced, currently it is at Cue Spot Billiards and O’Ryleigh’s Tavern in Downtown Merced. This Saturday you will find them pouring craft soda and beer at the Central Valley Brewfest in Turlock.

In March, Bobcat Brewing Co. signed a lease on a warehouse in the front of Castle AFB. Hoping to renovate the building and open a local brewery and
taproom, he has begun permitting. This warehouse could be a job creator for Merced just like Dust Bowl in Turlock and Tioga Sequoia in Fresno.

To help finance the improvements to the building and the licensing process, Bobcat Brewing Co. has launched a Kickstarter offering some very cool
rewards! Kickstarter allows communities to crowd fund a project and receive both usual and unusual items as rewards. Some of the rewards for Bobcat
Brewing Co.’s Kickstarter are a stainless steel wallet card/bottle opener that gives happy hour prices at the taproom for life, naming rights to stainless fermentors and hop strains, and even the ability to brew your own beer recipe on their commercial system. Stickers, pint glasses, and t-shirts are also up as rewards.

Help create a unique local manufacturing industry, right here in Merced County. By backing this project, you can create jobs and help spread the word about the rich agricultural resources we have at our fingertips.

You can view the kickstarter here:

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