MERCED, CA – The Merced Police Department has assemblies planned at five middle schools aimed at having a dramatic effect on students’ decisions in life, especially regarding driving.

Through a grant funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety, the MPD is using funds to sponsor assemblies at Weaver Middle School, Rivera Middle School, Tenaya Middle School, Cruickshank Middle School, and Hoover Middle School. The title of the assembly is “All for One” and is presented by Motivational Media Assemblies (MMA) out of Burbank. MMA uses three large size projection screens for their presentation. The presentation includes scenes from movies, music videos, and sporting events, as well as cameo appearances by sports, television, and movie celebrities

“All for One” sends the message that teenagers have to be the one to have dreams and visions of how life could be or should be. Teenagers want the good life, but this good life doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a choice. It is planned. Teenagers have to be “all for one” to make solid decisions every single day. The youth of our day face uncertainty, boredom, peer pressure, moral confusion and unhealthy choices both physically and mentally. In this day and age of technology overload, teenagers tend to get locked into “watching” reality instead of trying to “change” reality. Teens need to be proactive and get involved and be the ones to make a difference in their lives and their community.

“We have done these assemblies for the past six years. For the last four years, we decided to present them to eighth graders just before they graduate and become high schoolers,” said Lance Eber, Crime Analyst and Grant Director for the Merced Police Department. “The presentation is very action packed to keep the interest of the students. Not only does it have a positive message about life in general, but it also includes several real stories about driving and what the negative impacts of making poor decisions while sitting behind the steering wheel can do to a person and family. Although our audience this year will include non-drivers, these non-drivers are passengers in some type of vehicle nearly every single day. They need to be responsible for their own safety and speak up on their own behalf. They need to be the voice of positive change in regards to driving habits.”

The dates for the assemblies are: Wednesday, May 11 at Weaver; Thursday, May 12 at Rivera and Cruickshank; and finally, Friday, May 13t at Tenaya and Hoover. For more information, contact Lance Eber. Each of the schools prefer advance notice if the press arrive for coverage.

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