MERCED, CA – A recent message to MCNTV News stated that at approximately 5:30 p.m. last night, a Merced resident was hit in the face with a rock. The rock hit him in the nose causing a large gash on his face and he was bleeding a lot, according to his family. They stated they called the police and waited for 2 hours, but officers never came to the scene.

“My brother’s friends were throwing these little dried fruits up in the air in the backyard,” said the family member who asked not to be identified, “and I guess it went over the backyard to the sidewalk just as a family were walking by. I am guessing , but we believe a teen-aged boy, who was with the family, decided to throw a big rock at my brother, not knowing who did it. My brother was passed out for a good five mins and was bleeding so much from his the wound.”
The family also confirmed they called an ambulance, but unfortunately, although they were told one was coming, they allege that it never arrived. “The whole point is we needed to make sure my brother was going to be fine and called for help, but it never came.” she said.

A crime epidemic is much like a disease epidemic spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time. Residents living in the City of Merced are now seeing the result of an unchecked criminal element who have grown up watching us citizens do nothing to those elected and charged with prosecuting criminal behavior. They watched as we did nothing when the DA’s son was allowed to go free after it was proven he drove a known gang member with a loaded handgun to a party where three people were gunned down in a gang related shooting. They learned and they watched as the Merced Police Chief’s daughter and son-in-law beat a man at the Merced Tower Theatre and were allowed to walk out the back door. The multiple sexual assaults with overwhelming evidence… yes they have watched and they have learned and the results can be seen in these two Crimemapping screen shots below.

On 05/12/2013, ninety-seven crimes were reported according to

MCNTV News called the Merced PD to get more information regarding the out-of-control crime that Merced City residents are forced to endure due to the crime going unchecked for so many years by the department, but the Chief has not returned our calls. We have also called the DA’s office to find out why they file bogus charges on people like Mike Teater and Lydia Wisdom, but and to use a term the DA used with the Public Defender Dave Elgin, the DA does not have the cajones (Spanish term for balls) to not file charges and prosecute gang members to the fullest extent of the law? We still await his DA Larry Morse’s call.

The blame for this epidemic also lays squarely at the Merced Police Chief Norm Andrade and the DA Larry Morse’s feet. The crime epidemic has skyrocketed under their leadership and both have failed miserably at leading great officers to great victories against criminals in the City of Merced.

The City of Merced needs a serious team of law enforcement leadership and not these two second-rate employee and politician if it is going to cure itself of the epidemic it finds itself in now. Until serious changes are made like effective crime fighting, even if it is the DA’s kid or the DA’s brother, and serious prosecutions are conducted like the police Chief’s son-in-law and daughter for the beating death of Mr Kline or the many sexual assault cases that are laughed at and turned down by this cowardly DA’s office, nothing is going to change. The criminals currently run the City of Merced and putting a Merced PD officer on Main Street to ticket bike riders may not be an effective means of fighting a crime epidemic. It makes the downtown business owners feel better, but now you have less officers able to quickly respond to an act of violence.

Some might say we need more officers and that takes money. But just look what the Merced County Board of Supervisors did just a few weeks ago. They gave the DA Larry Morse a pay raise for increasing crime numbers instead of reducing his $330,000 plus a year salary because of his departments failure to do their job. I’m sure if we reduced ineffective law enforcement leaders salaries for doing a poor job of fighting crime, we could hire a few more officers and help make the City of Merced a great place to raise a family.


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